Meeting new people is hard, especially in a big city like London. When you’re not working, you’re probably meeting up with friends, dabbing in a hobby, catching up on your favourite show or drinking. The thing is, every Londoner – new or old – will eventually get a little bit bored and feel the need to venture out, even just for a night. City Mixers are for finding that new Brunch Buddy or Friday evening rollerblading companion.  This is not a dating event; this is social networking (the offline kind).
So, whether you’ve just moved to London or you simply want to meet some new interesting people, join in at the next City Mixer.

How does it work?

This one is pretty simple: buy your ticket and just show up! On the night, everyone will be given nametags so you can avoid those awkward moments when you’ve forgotten someone’s name. We don’t do conventional, so you can count on there being some fun and unique entertainment or mid-mixer activities. Want to find out more? Too bad. You’ll just have to come and see what the fuss is all about.

WHEN: Coming soon